A Soft Place to Land


  ‘Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.’


Comfort is a soft place.  It is being held by someone you trust, with their arms, their empathy or their gaze.  Comfort is being understood and cared for.  It is curling up on a large sofa surrounded by cushions.  Comfort is a healing touch.  It soothes and caresses the physical body which calms the emotions.

Comfort is the pit stop of life; a place of recovery and repair.  Without comfort we walk through our life overloaded with baggage.  We stuff or rucksacks full of grief and collect bags of worry and guilt along the way.

A soft place allows us to lay down; to rest our bodies and lay down our burdens.  Identify your soft place.  It may be a person, a room, a chair, a bed.  You will recognise your soft place when you feel the tension release from your body. When your breathing is calm and even and when a feeling of well being spreads through you.

Being in your soft place is like coming home, connecting to your self.

Value your soft place and introduce more of them into your life.

Using your soft place is a reminder that you care for your self.

Let your self know that you are comfort–able.

My favourite soft place is ……………………………………………

Other soft places I could use are ………………………………..

  Everyone needs a soft place

Get Inspired to take action


The new year is the time when we are likely to think about making some changes. It is a time when we can use other peoples desire for change to propel us forward. When we use others to inspire us to make those changes it feel like we are in it together and not alone on our quest. I hope my thoughts about inspiration will inspire you to take action.

‘The Golden Venture’ https://instarcoaching.com/the-golden-venture-e-book,

  ‘It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to’ Jean-Luc Godard 

Get inspired.  Inspiration is a volcanic explosion of desires, wonder and possibilities.  Harness this power and energy to move you into action.  Inspiration is a stepping stone; it is anything that moves you towards your ideal.

Align yourself with positive influences.  Gravitate towards people you admire, places that you love and things that make you feel good.
Be inspired. Notice the details. What do you like and admire about that person? what is it about this place that you love? how does this thing make you feel good? 

Inspiration is the light bulb moment when a surge of power transmits through two elements and joins them together.  It is seeing things in a different way, realising that there is a way through; a closed door, an overgrown path, an uphill climb.

If you can do it, then so can I.  You are an inspiration.    

Write the names of 3 people who inspire you …..

What are the qualities that you admire?……..

Write the name of 3 places that inspire you…….

What do these places provide for you?………..

Write the name of 3 things that inspire you?………

What do these things give to you?……….

  ‘Ideas come from everything’ Alfred Hitchcock