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Savouring 2020, Hope for 2021

Intention for 2020

I made a commitment to make 2020 the year that I focussed whole heartedly on my business. When lockdown happened, I needed to review how I delivered the services I wanted to provide. The way that I am providing my interventions has now moved online and I am still enjoying the work that I love. The advantage of working online is that I can reach so many people, in different parts of the country or even the world. I observe and hear the way that positive psychology enhances people’s lives and making this difference is important to me. I teach positive psychology and I live it.  I have spent some time on training this year and I have been learning more about Somatic Coaching, how our bodies store our emotional memories in our body, and what this means for our lives. I have attended many webinars organised by Action for Happiness which you can access via their website. I would highly recommend these webinars; the content is varied and interactive.

Life Coaching

A lot of clients made the move from face to face sessions to online sessions. This way of working did not appeal to some clients, but I decided that face to face work was an unnecessary risk. This means that my 1-1 work has been reduced, however my group work has increased.

Laughter Yoga

I adapted our monthly laughter yoga session so that it could be delivered online. Members attend from all around the country which they would not be able to do if the group was held in a local hall. I ran a laughter session for Ladies Day Picnic, a fundraiser supporting the NHS and Action Against Hunger.  Two of my MAPP (Masters of Applied Psychology Programme) colleagues have started the Laughter Lab and I have attended their webinars. If you want to learn more about their perspective on laughter checkout their website by clicking on the highlighted link. Julie Flood & I continue to run our online laughter session on the first Saturday of the month. Our first session for 2021 is on Saturday 2nd January at 10am. Contact me for the zoom link.

Online Courses

I collaborated with Bryony Shaw, a fellow MSc Positive Psychology, to offer a Joy Workshop online. It was so well received that we developed a 6 week online positive psychology course, Positive Psychology in Social Isolation. Participants found it useful to share their experiences of lockdown and be supported with positive psychology interventions. When lockdown was lifted, we delivered a single session called ‘Positive Psychology in Transition’ which highlighted the process of change involved in transitioning out of lockdown. We continued to develop positive psychology programmes and in 2020 we facilitated two Positive Psychology for Life Part 1 courses and one Positive Psychology for Life Part 2 course. We were commissioned to run the positive psychology courses by Creative Options a Southampton based charity and have run Part 1 & Part 2 for their members with great success. To support the practice of Positive Psychology I organised a weekly one-hour practice group for anyone who has attended a course and for those who are interested in positive psychology. This is a free of charge group with an option to donate to my C.I.C

Our next Positive Psychology For Life Part 1 course starts on 21st January 2021. This will be followed by Part 2 on 18th March 2021 and Part 3 on 27th May 2021

Fresh Air Fridays

I have continued to run my Fresh Air Fridays sessions this year, and most of the sessions have been online. This has been a creative way to ensure that members experience a walk in nature while listening to a podcast of a monthly theme. Booking on to a session gives access to a monthly podcast with themes such as Being Present, Filling Ourselves Up and our Comfort Zone. Members walk alone in nature and then we join together online to share our insights, observations and our experience of being outdoors. Like all of the online sessions anyone can join from around the globe. Recently, I had someone join in from Canada which was a pleasant surprise.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a Fresh Air Fridays initiative which started during the first lockdown. The aim is to provide a safe space for connection to self and others. I used it as a tool for myself during lockdown as I was supporting others and recognised that I needed support to be able to do this effectively. I found the sessions invaluable and I am now facilitating the sessions once a week. There is a session every day of the week, no booking is required and there is no charge for the session.  

Positive Psychology & meditation

I met Caroline Livingstone, a meditation teacher and crystal healer, at a networking meeting in March just before lockdown. Throughout lockdown we met regularly over zoom to support each other through coaching and meditation. This has been so useful to us that we wanted to share it with others. We developed a 4 week programme which brings together an exploration of positive emotions, meditation and crystal healing. Our first course was well received, and members reported benefits such as ‘being more relaxed, sleeping better, and being more positive’. Our next course Savour The Moment explores the positive emotions of Gratitude, Awe & Pride with guided meditations and crystals to support these emotions. This will start on Wednesday 20th January 2021.

School of Social Entrepreneurs

I have had regular meetings with my fellow SSE graduate’s over the year and we had a one year online graduation celebration in October. Collaborations with my fellows are; a journaling project My Planet My Journal with Anne Sawyer from Planet Aware and a podcast ‘A Work in Progress’ with Vie Portland from Vieness Discover You Love You C.I.C. As the title suggests not only are we all a work in progress but so is the podcast! We will be releasing the podcast early in 2021.

Intention for 2021

My word of the year for 2020 was fruitful, and it has been a fruitful year for Instar Coaching CIC. I am grateful that I have been able to continue to work and that people have benefitted from what we offer. My word of the year for 2021 is Expansion. On a personal level I like the image of my arms wide apart bringing in positivity, love and serenity. On a business level it means making more connections and raising awareness of my brand, bringing positive psychology to life.

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