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Get Into The Groove- My Marketing Journey

My passion is personal development, the inside out approach to life. Working on your inner world to effect change in your outer world. My mission is to bring positive psychology to life, to share my learning with others so that they can take the inside out approach and lead a happier more fulfilling life. 

My challenge, like most small businesses, is to raise awareness of my brand.  I was so fortunate in my start up phase to receive funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation and School of Social Entrepreneurs. Since then, I have applied for funding and the competition is fierce. I know that our products work and yet they can’t work if nobody knows about them. I recognise that what often stands in the way of a small business is the knowledge and skills of sales and marketing. 

I have had offers of help from marketing companies, often at a cost too high for any social enterprise. I was fortunate to work with two PR students and they helped me enormously with my social media profile. I had begun to take small steps, and often great leaps of faith, on my journey into the world of sales and marketing.

Exploring internet marketing, I attended a seminar which featured Groove Digital. When I heard about the affiliate programme I was interested and yet I knew that I needed to know more about the product before I was able to recommend it. I signed up for the free account and I have been playing with it for a while now. One tool that I was interested in was Groove Sell, where I could sell our online courses and also create an affiliate link for them so that others could be rewarded for promoting them. 

I created this page https://www.positivepsychologyforlife.com which was really easy to do.

I have found Groove easy to use and I have also watched some of the many technical support videos that are available which were very helpful. Groove may be the platform for you if you are interested in;

1. Promoting Groove Digital (you receive 20% if someone you refer upgrades from a free account)

2. Promoting Positive Psychology For Life courses (you receive 20% if someone you refer buys a course)

3. Selling your own products/ creating your own affiliate program

4. Creating websites, sales funnels and webinars.

Click on this link (my referral link) to find out more and sign up for a free account.


If you would like to Get Into The Groove and learn how to grow your business with me, send me an email instarcoach@gmail.com

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