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Intention for 2022

Keeping Afloat

It has been a challenge to keep Instar Coaching C.I.C viable through 2021 after the effects of COVID in 2000. Last year I had to make the difficult decision to furlough myself so that I could continue with the business and this year I needed to let go again and secure employment to keep Instar Coaching afloat. Once I had made the decision, I had secured a job within 2 weeks. I started working as a dental receptionist in October. I have embraced this new role and have learnt more about myself while helping others. There have been fun times and stressful times. It has encouraged me to be more structured, and I appreciate the time that I have to still focus on my business.

I am celebrating; that I am still in business, making difficult decisions, being strategic, securing a new job, listening to my intuition. learning, embracing change, being calm under pressure.

My Intention is to; learn more about dentistry and share Positive Psychology at work


I continue to enjoy the collaborations I have with;

Bryony – PP for life

Caroline – Meditation

Vie & James – Podcasting

Julie – Laughter

It is a joy to share learning, ideas and inspiration with these beautiful people.

Positive Psychology For Life

Recently, Bryony & I secured the trademark for Positive Psychology For Life. We are both delighted to see our idea registered as a product.

This year we designed the third of our six-week programmes, which included sessions on positive ageing, optimism, and meditation. We delivered Positive Psychology For Life Part 1 & 2 for the SPACE project for Creative Options, Mental Health Charity.

We believe that the success of using positive psychology is the continued practice of the strategies we teach, therefore this year I started the Positive Psychology Practice group. This is an opportunity to get together online twice a month and once a month in person out in nature. This is now a membership group and I look forward to seeing the membership increase in 2022.

I am celebrating; growth, development, ideas, inspiration.

My Intention is to; grow our membership group

Project You

I developed the programme Project You which is designed to raise awareness of self-care and to help build strategies to improve health and wellbeing. To support this group, I developed a Wellbeing questionnaire which highlights key areas for development. This can be used as a baseline and evaluation tool for the programme. It was lovely to see the members of the group grow in confidence and pay more attention to their self-care. I look forward to running this group again in 2022.

I am celebrating; self-care, healthy living, being good enough (not perfect), group support

My Intention is to; develop Project You and provide it again in 2022.

Positive Psychology & Meditation

Caroline and I continued to provide our Positive Psychology and Meditation online groups. We devised a new course, An Introduction to Meditation, which was well received. Meditation has really enhanced my life and I believe it is an effective way to increase health and wellbeing. I love to share the benefits of meditation and the feedback we have received is extremely positive. In 2022 Caroline will be sharing her knowledge of Yoga Nidra and I will be sharing knowledge of character strengths in our new course starting in February.

I am celebrating; being present, increased awareness & acceptance.

My Intention is to; share the benefits of meditation. To guide beginners towards a meditation practice.

Laughter Yoga

Our Laughter Yoga sessions continued online in 2021. The value of laughter as a wellbeing tool has been appreciated by the members of the group. They have told me that the weekly sessions have kept them going through Lockdown and the aftermath of lockdown. The group laughter sessions provide contagion, that lovely experience of hearing others laugh which prompts you to laugh. However, laughter is freely available, and you can learn the short playful exercises and do them anywhere at any time.

I am celebrating the gift of laughter,

My Intention is to; share laughter freely. To educate about the benefits of laughter on health & wellbeing.

Podcast – Positivity: A Work in Progress

(Podcast release – 26 episodes, 800 downloads in 15 Countries)

Vie Portland & I began podcasting in 2021. Our first podcast was released on International Woman’s Day, also my birthday, March 8th. The podcast episodes support our mission of bringing positive psychology to life. The podcasts are freely available, and the topics are relevant to personal development and positive psychology. I love the way that each topic is crafted from our own experiences. In 2021 I was a guest on 2 other podcasts,

The Lessons From Loss by Rachel Smith – Episode 5: Emotional intensity, the grief model and self-care.

The Energetic Automator Series: The Journeys of Holistic and Spiritual Coaches by Gavin Weiner – Kim Furnish is a Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur (Aug 19th 2021)

I am celebrating; Having a voice, creativity, expansion, reaching a wider audience

My Intention is to; grow our podcast audience.

Life Coaching

I connected with a steady stream of Life Coaching clients in 2021. Most often they had been recommended from another client (Thank You), they were returning clients or they came to me via the Life Coach Directory. They presented with a variety of issues including, mental health, career change, overwhelm and a thirst for personal development. Clients gained a sharper sense of self, increased authenticity, and a kinder approach to themselves.

I am celebrating; abundance, personal growth, self-compassion, authenticity.

My Intention is to; promote the benefits of Life Coaching.

Social Media & PR

I worked with two PR students, Cristina & Tereza, to improve my PR and the marketing of my business. They encouraged me to put my face on social media, to be more present as the Director and Founder of Instar Coaching. This was a challenge as I am a private person. While I was happy to create content for social media, including quotes and photos of nature, I was reluctant to add pictures of myself or to add videos of myself to social media. When I finally agreed to my first Instagram live I was right outside of my comfort zone and I was so nervous. It went well, and I enjoyed it. It took a long time to recover from the adrenaline rush. I went on to do 5 more Instagram lives in 2021 and enjoyed every moment of them. The year 2021 was significant in PR as I increased followers and interactions across all social media platforms. I also increased my communication with current members by writing a regular newsletter.

I am celebrating; stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying new things, accepting how I look on social media.

My Intention is to; raise awareness of Instar Coaching C.I.C and promote myself.

Time Management & Balance

I have had fun with my work in 2021, as I often do. Because I love what I do it is easy to spend too much time working. In 2021 I decided to put boundaries into my working week and booked a weekly day off. This worked well and I reaped the benefits of time away from my business to rest and recharge. I also began to monitor what tasks I do for the business and how much time I spend on them. This was an interesting exercise and I think it helped me to focus. It has raised my awareness of how many separate tasks there are to running a business, I have recorded at least 70 areas that need attention. As part of the streamlining of my business I let go of Fresh Air Fridays, including Breathing Space, and Clubhouse Sessions. I had enjoyed running these sessions but my time was needed elsewhere.

I am celebrating; looking after myself in the business. Making good choices and keeping balance.

My Intention is to; be effective and efficient with my time.

Word of the Year

My word for 2021 is Expansion. It has proved useful to have this goal in mind. When I was considering an activity or deciding how to spend my time I would ask ‘ Is this expansion?’ Or ‘How does this fit with my aim of expansion?’ I believe that I expanded my comfort zone, my customer reach, my products, my self-awareness, and my confidence. It was a great word to have for the year.

My word for 2022 is Intention.

Intention – a purpose or goal; aim.

                                A medical term – the way in which a wound heals.

I am excited to use this word and discover where it will take me. I chose the word to achieve more clarity and yet I have discovered a secondary aim….healing. I predict that it will give me more clarity and focus and I will also be mindful of the healing intention. I will ask ‘What is my intention here?’ I will also use it to understand other people’s behaviour by asking ‘What is/was their intention?’ I will explore how I can make use of healing in 2022.

Happy 2022 to you all.

What word will you choose for 2022?

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