It is six months since my last newsletter and I wondered how things are going for you. Here are some opportunities that you may like to engage with that will enhance your personal development. Thank you for your past custom and I welcome any feedback about this newsletter or your sessions.

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Warm Wishes



Laughter Sessions are based on Laughter Yoga, founded by Dr. Madan Kataria in India. Dr. Kataria believed that laughter is the best medicine and started laughing with a group of 5 people and now there are laughter yoga groups all around the world. Myself and fellow laughter enthusiast, Julie, trained to be laughter yoga leaders and start our first group on Saturday 8th June 10am-12pm at Colbury Memorial Hall
Totton SO40 7EL

Here is a link to a BBC short video about laughter yoga


Help!! I am looking for participants for my Masters dissertation.

I am going to send a seperate email to ask for participants for my study, please look out for it and let me know if you can help,

Thank you :)

June 4th:
When you feel whole and blissfully happy, you forget to judge other people. This is because you're not judging yourself.

Happiness Now
Robert Holden Ph.D.



Our first Joy workshop was in February and a second followed in April. The next workshop will be on Saturday September 28th at Gaunts House in Wimborne. The cost is £60 for first time attenders and £45 for those who wish to attend once again. The cost includes lunch and a free follow up coaching session. You can secure a place with a £20 deposit by 31st August.

Check out the beautiful venue here; www.gauntshouse.com


To experience the joy of being in a supportive community while walking in the countryside why not try Fresh Air Fridays. There is a session in Southampton on Tuesday June 25th 2019 at 5pm. I will be going along to the session and if you want to try out a session let me know, the first session is free.

More information about Fresh Air Fridays can be found on www.freshairfridays.co.uk

Inspired by one of you lovely people I have embarked on a self care regime, Project Kim. My progress on this can be found on social media, please follow, join in, and comment. We all know how important self care is ......we need to just do it!

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