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I hope you are having an incredible summer. I have taken a break in August, I had a week away in Cornwall, and a more relaxed working schedule for the rest of the month. Therefore, some of the information in this newsletter is repeated from last month. I have added start dates to the Positive Psychology courses, Meditation course, Project You, and Practice Group. I discovered how to insert 'buttons', and I have also added a new feature called 'Meet A Member'.
The newsletter ends with some images that capture the essence of summer and having a rest.

Life Coaching

It is wonderful to be able to provide face to face sessions in Forest Lodge (my office) now that restrictions are lifted.
Life Coaching is an investment in yourself. The investment is £80 per session (block of 4, £300 & block of 6, £440) payment plans available.

Fresh Air Fridays

The next two Fresh Air Fridays sessions are booked at Lepe Country Park on Saturday 18th September, & Saturday 23rd October, all sessions are 1- 4pm. To experience the joy of being in a supportive community while walking in nature why not join us. The next two themes are 'Habits - September & Your Team - October' These sessions are an opportunity to explore what YOU want in your life in a safe, accepting group, in a beautiful environment.
The drop in charge is £30, there is also a parking charge of £7

Book the session here:
Starting 16th September
Positive Psychology for Life Part 1, 2 & 3
Feel more positive, happier, motivated and increase your self awareness. Each week we focus on one aspect of Positive Psychology and practice our learning during the session. Sessions are on Thursday evenings 7.30 - 9.00pm. The total cost of all three courses is £699. Each individual course is £270. Monthly payment option available.

Positive Psychology for Life Part 1 starts on 16th September 2021

Positive Psychology for Life Part 2 starts on 11th November 2021
Positive Psychology for Life Part 3 starts on 13th January 2022.

Lovely Feedback

It is a really good course to learn about Positive Psychology and how to integrate it into your life. It is informative without being overloading. I know some people who can be a bit wary of joining a "course" and might feel worried, so I would reassure them about yours by saying how relaxed and friendly it is!!
Positive Psychology & Meditation
Pathway To Positivity
Feel happier, more peaceful, and experience the benefits of meditation.
The cost of the course is £90 (bank transfer) or £95 on Eventbrite for 6 weeks. Wednesday's 7.30pm - 8.45pm, starting on 15th September.

Lovely Feedback

I gained a greater understanding of all the valuable emotions in our every day life, with the added bonus of inner peace, tranquility and experience of using crystals.

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Project You - Self Care Course
Gain more energy, feel healthier, happier and more in control of your life.
The cost of the course is £150 for 8 weeks and this entitles you to attend both Saturday (11-12.30pm) and Monday (12pm- 1.30pm) sessions. Starting on 20th September

Lovely Feedback

Project You
I was made more aware and conscious of my need to take care of me. I learnt the importance of having activities that are a relaxation and help with genuine rest. I am trying to make sure that there is an element of rest and relaxation in each of my days.

Positive Psychology Practice Group

In September I will be starting a membership group, Positive Psychology Practice Group. The sessions will be fortnightly online on a Tuesday evening, 7.30 - 9pm starting on Tuesday 14th and face to face at Lepe Beach, Southampton (or an alternative in nature) on one Saturday a month, starting Saturday September 11th. I will send a separate email with the dates for September - December. This group is for anyone who has completed at least one of our courses and is a great way to practice the learning from the more structured groups. The monthly cost is £25. The membership fee also includes 20% off courses and coaching sessions.

Positivity: A Work In Progress

Podcasts are a great way to learn and they are free! I present a podcast, with Vie Portland, called "Positivity: A Work In Progress".

Lovely Feedback

It’s like you are having a conversation and it’s so natural. Some funny stories and things that I can relate to.
Series One includes the topics; Hope, Kindness & Confidence.
Series Two includes the topics; Personal boundaries, Play & Courage.
Series Three will be released on 20th September and begins with Self Awareness & Money/Wealth.

Laugh Yourself To Wellbeing

Have you noticed how often you laugh lately? Being in a pandemic has raised our fear and anxiety levels so much that laughing is probably the last thing on your mind. And yet laughter is a wonderful tool in our self care toolbox, there are huge benefits to your body and mind. We need all the positive emotion we can …

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Laugh Yourself To Wellbeing

Laughter Yoga

There is a free online laughter yoga session every Saturday from 10-10.30am. There is also one running in the open air, weather permitting.
Laughter is a wonderful way to be present and connect with others.
(contact me for more details)

Clubhouse Room

The Clubhouse App is available on Apple and Android phones. You can join me to talk about Positive Psychology free via the Clubhouse App. These sessions start again every Thursday at 7.30am from the end of September
(contact me for more details)

Wellbeing Survey

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 08.54.26
It is so important to look after ourselves. How satisfied are you with your wellbeing? Are you aware that life could be better and yet you are not sure where to start? Complete our Wellbeing Survey and receive a free report on how you can live a happier life.

Meet A Member

Vie Portland

I met Vie when we attended a Social Entrepreneur Course together. Vie's social enterprise is vienesscic We collaborate on our podcast (see above). During lockdown we both needed to be creative with our businesess and Vie chose to create products. She has since become an Author of a beautiful children's book and now has a crowdfunder campaign to publish a second children's book and her own life story. Vie embodies positivity and kindness is her superpower. Please support her campaign.

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Thank you for your continued support and if you have any comments on this newsletter I would love to hear them,

With Love
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