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As we enter the summer season I hope that this newsletter finds you well and brings you some sunshine.

Fresh Air Fridays

Fresh Air Fridays returns to Lepe Country Park next Saturday 26th June, 1.30-4pm. To experience the joy of being in a supportive community while walking in nature why not join us. This months theme is 'Your Big Dream' This session is an opportunity to explore what YOU want in your life in a safe, accepting group, in a beautiful environment.
The drop in charge is £30, there is also a parking charge of £7
(Membership is £25 a month and entitles you to attend any session anywhere in the country)
Book the session here:

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Project You - Self Care Course
This course started on 5th June and there are 3 sessions left to attend if you would like to try it out. The next session is on Saturday 26th 11am-12.30pm and the session is about exercise and being active. The session is repeated on Monday 28th June at 1-2pm. If you would like to have more energy, feel happier and more in control of your life, join me to start ‘Project You’. The weekly charge is £25, which entitles you to attend both Saturday and Monday sessions.

‘Project You’ is an interactive group which will give you the benefits of group coaching; support, shared learning and accountability.

Positive Psychology & Meditation
Caroline Livingstone, meditation teacher & crystal healer, and I are offering one session a month of Positve Psychology & Meditation which focusses on Strengths (www.viacharacter.org) This months topic is Vulnerability & Self Awareness and will be held on June 23rd. On July 21st our topic will be Forgiveness.
Here is the link for more information and to book.
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Breathing Space
These sessions are available everyday at 12noon. I run the session on a Tuesday. It is a lovely way to stop for 30 mins, connect and breathe. Here is the link;
Laughter Yoga
There is a free online laughter yoga session every Saturday from 10-10.30am. There is also one running in the open air, weather permitting.
Laughter is a wonderful way to be present and connect with others.
Clubhouse Room
The Clubhouse App is available on Apple and Android phones. You can access discussions sessions free via the Clubhouse App. I have a room every Thursday at 7.30am which you can join to talk about Positive Psychology.
(contact me for more details)
Podcasts are a great way to learn and they are free! I present a podcast, with Vie Portland, called "Positivity: A Work In Progress". As the name suggests we focus on personal development topics. Our second series is out today 21st June and the topic is Personal Boundaries, it is available here;


Life Coaching

I continue to provide Life Coaching online and hope to welcome you back to Forest Lodge (my office) soon.
Life is change, it is inevitable and yet often we struggle with it. Life Coaching can help you manage the change that is forced upon you, for example living with a pandemic, and Life Coaching can help you to make the changes that will give you greater fulfillment. The images below highlight my learning this month from my own coaching & training, from the conversations I have with Vie when recording our podcast and the pearls of wisdom from my lovely clients.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any comments on this newsletter I would love to hear them,

With Love
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