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Our theme this month is 'Creativity'. Creativity shows up in lots of ways, practically in our behaviour and pursuits, such as crafting, design, DIY or cooking. Creativity can also show up in our thoughts and ideas, such as problem solving, inspiration and novel ways to work smarter. One of my favourite quotes is by Albert Einstein who says 'Creativity is intelligence having fun'. I really enjoyed creating this newsletter and I hope it inspires you to find joy in creativity.

New Course Starting This Week - 17th February 2022

Project You - Self Care Course

Explore new ways to look after yourself, and give YOU the time you deserve. Remember you can't pour from an empty cup so, fill yourself up first.
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Retreat, Recharge and Energise

Have you ever considered a weekend of healthy walks, self care, pampering, creative activities and relaxation? Frances and I are exploring the idea of organising a retreat which would include all of these activities and more. We predict the cost would be approx £300 for 3/4 nights in October 2022. If this is of interest to you please let me know.

Free workshop (Instagram Post)
Our new, free monthly workshop begins next week, Wednesday 23rd February 7.30-8.30pm. This is to introduce the joy of Positive Psychology to anyone who may be interested in improving the quality of their life. Please share the opportunity and come along yourself if you would like a refresher of Positive Psychology Part 1. Click the button to find out more.
Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.

Member Of The Month

Emma Bennett

Emma Bennett
Emma is a social entrepreneur and her business is called 'Create & Prosper'. Create & Prosper provides creative workshops as a wellbeing intervention. I met Emma at the School of Social Entrepreuers course and we both graduated in October 2019. Since then Emma has taken part in many Instar Coaching courses. She particularly loves laughter yoga. The idea that there could be an upward spiral of positive emotions was a refreshing alternative for Emma and it really made an impact on her.

Emma has recently made a massive change to her life as she returned to her roots by moving back to the Scilly Isles. Emma has embraced this change and is growing her business by providing her creative workshops online. Emma says ‘Thinking positive and feeling positive has become a habit. I have learnt to live life my way. I am much more self compassionate’

Positive Psychology Practice Group

During an online practice group this month we reflected on what our word for the year 2022 is. The words we chose included Openess, Balance, Connection, Success and Intention. The session was a celebration of how we can support each other to flourish.

This group is for anyone who has completed at least one of our courses and is a great way to practice the learning from the more structured groups. The monthly cost is £25. It includes 2 online meetings a month and one outdoor session a month. The membership fee also includes 20% off courses and coaching sessions.

Positivity: A Work In Progress

Podcasts are a great way to learn and they are free! Listen in to our episode on CREATIVITY, to hear our views and experiences of creativity.
If there is any topic you would like to hear about in a podcast please let me know.

Laughter Yoga

There is a free online laughter yoga session most Saturday mornings from 10-10.30am. Caroline Livingstone, meditation teacher, will be providing a free online meditation one Saturday morning a month from next week.
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Life Coaching

"Thanks for the way working with you changed my life, my mindset and so much improved my emotional balance and hence my relationships."

Investment in yourself is £80 per session (block of 4, £300 & block of 6, £440) payment plans are available.
The glass is refillable

Thank you for your continued support, please share this newsletter with your friends and family. If you have any ideas and suggestions for future issues or any comments about what you have read here, I would love to hear from you,

With Love
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