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Welcome to Instar Coaching C.I.C
I hope you are well. The theme of this newsletter is resilience. Resilience is one of the topics that we learn about on our Positive Psychology courses and it is one of the episodes of our podcast too. Here is a definition of resilience.....

Resilience Definition

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors.' APA Dictionary.
Moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset is a great way to build resilience.

The Game of Life

‘Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before’ Elizabeth Edwards

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. If life is a game then snakes and ladders is the one played most often. The snakes represent times of crisis and the ladders are times of opportunity. You can be moving …

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The Game of Life

Potential Workshop

We would like to provide some workshops in 2022 and we would really appreciate your help in designing these. This is your opportunity to design a workshop that appeals to you. Please click on the button below to complete the poll.

Positive Psychology Practice Group

The outdoor session of Positive Psychology Practice Group was held at Lepe Country Park this month. We began the group with a structured breathing exercise and a mindful walk. We then had an open discussion on personal development and positive psychology while walking along the beach.

This group is for anyone who has completed at least one of our courses and is a great way to practice the learning from the more structured groups. The monthly cost is £25. It includes 2 online meetings a month and one outdoor session a month. The membership fee also includes 20% off courses and coaching sessions.

Positivity: A Work In Progress

We have new branding for our podcast! Podcasts are a great way to learn and they are free! In series one one there is an episode on RESILIENCE. In series three we have released the topics of Self Awareness, Money/Wealth, Value, & Communication. Still to come are, Self Compassion, Not Taking Things Personally, Difference & Flourishing.
If there is any topic you would like to hear about in a podcast please let me know.

Laughter Yoga

There is a free online laughter yoga session every Saturday from 10-10.30am. There is also one running in the open air, weather permitting.
Laughter is a wonderful way to be present and connect with others.
(contact me for more details)

Wellbeing Survey

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One way to increase resilience is with good self care, therefore it is so important to look after ourselves. How satisfied are you with your wellbeing? Are you aware that life could be better and yet you are not sure where to start? Complete our Wellbeing Survey and receive a free report on how you can live a happier life.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an investment in yourself. When you feel stuck it can help you to view your situation in a different way. Life Coaching can give you the power of perspective in your life and build your resilience.

Investment in yourself is £80 per session (block of 4, £300 & block of 6, £440) payment plans are available.

Meet A Member

Julie Flood

Julie is a real advocate of positive Psychology. She shares her knowledge and skills with friends, family and work colleagues. Her journey is similar to mine in that her first encounter with positive Psychology was when she came along to a laughter yoga session. She later trained as a practitioner and we run our sessions together on the first Saturday morning of the month. Julie has completed all of the PP courses, some more than once, and the meditation courses. Her new skills and strategies were put to the test when she faced a traumatic event in May 2020. Julie and her family had to escape from their burning house and did not return until 9 months later. Julie found her tool box of positive psychology strategies were invaluable throughout this period. You are a terrific example of resilience Julie, thank you for being open with your experiences and for the support that you give others in the group.

Dare to fail greatly
4 beautiful sides of life

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any comments on this newsletter I would love to hear them,

With Love
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