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It has been a while since our last newsletter :) six months to be precise. How has your six months been? I have reflected on the last six months and the first thing I realise is that there were certain things I needed to let go of to maintain my work, life balance. Unfortunately, this newsletter was one of them. It is a pleasure to come back to. There are two people that I am celebrating in this edition. My first ever coaching client, Clair, and my Granddaughter, Freya. Read their wonderful stories of grit, perserverance and achieving their goals. A massive well done to both of you.
As I let go of my paid employment as a dental receptionist I am reflecting on the lessons I have learnt there. The most obvious lesson is 'not taking things personally', I have had a lot of practice, which has enabled me to be authentic and to not be affected by others situations. Our podcast covers both 'not taking things personally' and practice if you would like to find out more. The theme of this newsletter appears to be celebration and letting go which seems quite timely as we come to the end of the year.

Intro to meditation

Introduction to Positive Psychology & Meditation Online

Monday 21st November 7-9pm - £15 for the session.

Join us for a 2 hour session dedicated to positive psychology and meditation. Find out how these two practices can help you manage stress. Click the button to find out more.

Member of the month - Clair Barber

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Kim's Perspective....
Clair is one of my original coaching clients. In 2015, when I needed clients to practice Life Coaching with, Clair was introduced to me by a mutual friend. Clair had just started her PhD and was interested to find out how life coaching could help her. Clair has experienced various life coaching techniques with me, walking coaching, Wingwave, and positive psychology, online and face to face. I soon became one of Claire’s Phd team. Clair passed her Viva, and finished her PhD. Huge congratulations to you Clair.
Clair's perspective...
I came to meet Kim as I was preparing to start my part-time PhD alongside a full-time job while awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild. My main goals were to manage a healthy balance in life and to build resilience against academic criticism. My PhD journey has been long and problematic with life throwing some brutal curveballs along the way. Kim employed techniques from throughout her career to help guide me through. Kim’s calming influence and breadth of knowledge has made her a vital member of my PhD team. I will be eternally grateful for her role in this phase of my life.

Freya Skye - Representing the UK at Junior Eurovision

Freya Skye has worked so hard to fulfil her dreams. It would be easy to think that someone so young had not been working towards her dreams for that long. The reality is that she has been singing for as long as I can remember, she has attended many classes to learn her craft, and so many auditions before this BIG opportunity. Freya is an inspiration, an example of grit, perserverance, passion and gratitude. And of course her family are filled with pride. Celebrate with us on Friday November 18th 7.30pm Children In Need and Sunday December 11th Junior Eurovision BBC One. Click the button to watch her music video.
Freya CIN
Freya Eurovision
18th November 7.30pm - Children In Need - Freya Skye Singing Live

Sunday 11th December Junior Eurovision broadcast live on BBC One

Let Go: Awareness and Acceptance

What does the phrase letting go mean to you? Often, when I reflect on my own behaviour patterns alone or with others the issue of letting go will reveal itself. Over many years of personal development simply acknowledging that this was the underlying issue would help me to take a step back, take a different perspective* and release my tight …

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Let Go: Awareness and Acceptance

Positivity: A Work In Progress

Podcasts are a great way to learn and they are free! We began the podcast in 2021 and have recorded a total of 4 Series. The most listened to episode is 'Not taking things personally' and the most recent episode is 'Positive Ageing'.
If there is any topic you would like to hear about in a podcast please let me know.

Laughter Yoga

There is a free online laughter yoga session most Saturday mornings from 10-10.30am. Caroline Livingstone, meditation teacher, also provides a free online meditation one Saturday morning a month.

Life Coaching Programme

One Transformation - 100 strategies

This programme includes 1 & 1/2 coaching sessions per month, plus the two online group sessions and email support. I will be sharing 100 strategies for happiness & well-being. All for £100 a month for 6 months.
It is not joy - gratitude
4 beautiful sides of life
Fill your own cup

Thank you for your continued support, please share this newsletter with your friends and family. If you have any ideas and suggestions for future issues or any comments about what you have read here, I would love to hear from you,

With Love
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