Fresh Air Fridays



Fresh Air Fridays is a warm, friendly community of like-minded people that gives you the opportunity to meet others and explore self-development with them. Fresh Air Fridays combines walking and group coaching perfectly and the session is a lovely way to spend time in nature. I have always come away from a Fresh Air Friday’s session feeling better than I felt before it. Each session is a shared journey of discovery and insight. I enjoy the space, both physically and mentally, that each session gives me. Fresh Air Fridays helps me to fill myself up by encouraging me to be present and notice all of my senses. I notice my feelings of joy and awe as I view the stunning scenery while working on the different themes throughout the year. The changing face of nature is symbolic of the changes that we experience in our lives and this helps to give us perspective.

The sessions will give you the time to take a break from your busy life and help you to fill yourself up. If you would like to feel more connected to yourself and others around you, if you would like to experience some of the benefits that I have gained from Fresh Air Fridays, please join me on one of my sessions. Your first session is free of charge.

Lepe Country Park SO45 1AD

Saturday 14th March, Saturday 18th April, Saturday 16th May, Saturday 20th June, Saturday 11th July. 

Shave Green Enclosure, Cadnam (Meet Cadnam Cricket Car Park) SO40 2NR

Monday 23rd March, Monday 27th April, Monday 1st June, Monday 20th July.

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What I love about Fresh Air Fridays