Join us to Savour The Moment in 4 sessions. We will explore 3 positive emotions, Gratitude, Awe & Pride, using current psychological research and guided meditation. I will provide information about the 3 positive emotions, Gratitude, Awe & Pride. Caroline, a meditation teacher and crystal healer will provide guideded meditations. You are invited to use your own crystals but this is not compulsory. This is an interactive session.

Savour The Moment is a 4 week course which can also be attended as drop in sessions. Starting Wednesday 20th January, 27th January, 3rd & 10th February. 7.30pm -8.45pm. £50 for 4 week course – £15 weekly sessions.

1. Positive emotion Gratitude and a guided meditation. The benefits of a gratitude practice. Using crystals to support a gratitude practice.   

2. Positive emotion Awe, and a guided meditation supported by crystals. The benefits of noticing and experiencing the positive emotion of awe.

3, Positive emotion Pride, and and a guided meditation supported by crystals. Recognising and understanding the positive emotion of pride. 

4, The theme of communication and a throat chakra meditation. Learn how to open your throat chakra and support your communication with cystals.

All meditations are fully guided and designed to relax and connect you to energy, colours, light and your own body’s natural healing wisdom. They are freely available on soundcloud by Crystal Caroline.

Our first course Come Into Your Heart, exploring 3 positive emotions Joy, Love & Serenity will be repeated later in 2021.

The format for this course is;

1. Positive emotion Joy, inner smile and joy meditation. The importance of feeling joy and happiness. Using the crystal Citrine.  

2. Positive emotion Love, and open your heart meditation. The importance of self love. Using the crystal Rose Quartz

3, Positive emotion Serenity, and amethyst crystal light meditation,  The importance of letting go of the past and clearing your energy. Using the crystal Amethyst.

4, The theme of balance and the rainbow chakra meditation. The importance of aligning chakras into balance for healing. Using chakra set crystals.

It was so interesting to learn about the different crystals as I have a few but had never used them until this group! I feel that the positive psychology element helped me to gain new skills such as practicing self love, which I have been doing more regularly. The crystal meditation has helped me to feel more relaxed, and I think it’s brilliant that the meditations are on soundcloud as well. Since the group, I have been meditating more to sleep and using the skills learnt in positive psychology. Thank you so much, I’ve learnt a lot and it’s ultimately made me more relaxed in general.

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