I am co-author of a parenting book ‘Parenting A Violent Child’

The book follows six parents through a journey of self awareness, it is full of tips for parents who are struggling to manage challenging behaviour.

Here are some reviews;

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a book like this existed! I don’t think any parent likes to admit if their losing control of their children, but this book certainly addressed a number of questions I’ve had about my child’s behaviour and how to manage/take control of the situation. I love the ‘real life’ examples and highly recommend this book to any parent regardless of the child’s behaviour.”

“I am a counsellor and downloaded this book to help me in my work. I’m very taken by the authors’ approach (‘Put down the magnifying glass’ – i.e. stop focusing on your CHILD’S behaviour – and pick up the mirror – i.e. look at your OWN behaviour), and think it is offers a potentially life-changing shift of focus for many, many parents and carers. Highly recommended to all parents and anyone working with children/families!”

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