Personal development is concerned with developing the self.


Through observing ourselves and our interactions with others we learn more about our own behaviour. Asking for and being able to receive feedback is a key factor in raising self-awareness. When self-awareness is raised it is likely to lead to ‘insight’; those light bulb moments that give you more understanding of yourself. Greater insight gives us the opportunity to understand others and to address patterns of behaviour.

(Johari Window – Joseph Luft & Harry Ingham)


Self-knowledge is recognising your strengths and talents and being able to identify areas of development. We can rely on other people’s assessment of us rather than take the time to really get to know who we are. If you were to write a skills and qualities assessment of yourself what would it look like? How you respond to this question may be a measure of your levels of self – esteem.


Self-esteem is what we think about ourselves. When assessing their own skills & qualities people with low self-esteem would easily highlight negative things about themselves and may struggle to talk about their positive qualities. Self-esteem can be improved by beginning to question any negative beliefs and thoughts and taking action to involve yourself in positive activities.

(Hierachy of Needs – Abraham Maslow)

At the core of personal development is emotional intelligence; being able to identify and manage our own feelings and emotions.  Personal development work is undertaken by using self- help books, tools, and techniques or by taking part in group programmes.

Life Coaching can help you to raise your self awareness in a safe, supported space.

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