Positive Psychology for Life Part 1, 2 & 3 are 6 week online courses with each session lasting one & half hours. Each week we focus on one aspect of Positive Psychology and use evidenced based activities to illustrate the benefits of implementing the activities into daily life. Sessions are on Thursday evenings 7.30 – 9.00pm. The total cost of all three courses is £699. Each individual course is £270. Monthly payments available.

Positive Psychology Part 1

On this 6 week course, Positive Psychology For Life Part 1, we will share the purposeful positive actions that you can take to improve your psychological well-being. Each week you will learn one aspect of Positive Psychology and some evidenced based activities that will increase your happiness now and build resilience for the future.

Wk1 -What is Positive Psychology?

Wk2 – How you can boost your positive emotions and be happier

Wk 3 – Identifying and using our strengths

Wk 4 – The power of hope in adversity. How to grow hope.

Wk 5 – The importance of resilience when times are tough. How to raise resilience.

Wk 6 – How can we use laughter to increase well-being?

Positive Psychology Part 2

This course builds upon the foundations of Positive Psychology Part 1

Wk1 – Developing Self-Compassion

Wk2 – Positive Psychology & Communication

Wk 3 – Love, Vulnerability and Connection 

Wk 4 – Journaling for wellbeing

Wk 5 – The steps you can take to ‘be in Flow’ and how it will increase your happiness. 

Wk 6 – How can we use nature to increase well-being?

Positive Psychology Part 3

This course builds upon the foundations of Positive Psychology Part 1 & 2

Wk 1 – Optimism & Change

Wk 2 – How we can use Forgiveness to increase wellbeing

Wk 3 – Positive Psychology & Meditation

Wk 4 – Finding Purpose & Meaning

Wk 5 – Post Traumatic Growth

Wk 6 – What does Ageing Well mean?

This is what participants say about the course;

“The course has helped me put a toolbox in place to deal with any of those bumps in the road of life.”

“I love how the course has connected me with like-minded people who also want to explore positive psychology.”

“Positive psychology has had a huge impact on my life and taught me to have more self- compassion and brought me to the realisation that if we want to make a difference in society and help others, we need to invest in ourselves. The teaching is practical down to earth and realistic. It’s understandable but very interesting and thought provoking. Thoroughly recommended!”

“The positive psychology courses have given me simple and effective tools to use from the very beginning to the very end of my day. Being open to the possibilities of positive psychology and commitment to practicing the tools has improved my relationships and increased my happiness. It’s been life changing. Thank you, Kim and Bryony.”

“Positive psychology has changed my life! The course was and still is the highlight of my week.. being connected with inspiring people! Since doing Positive Psychology I truly believe I have found myself again and I am so excited to attend the next course and anything else available to me! I practise gratitude daily and today I am grateful for every single person in our Positive Psychology group! Thank you”

Email instarcoach@gmail.com to book onto any of the courses.