Positive Psychology for Life

Positive Psychology for Life

Positive Psychology for Life Part 1 & Part 2 are 6 week online courses with each session lasting one & half hours. Each week we focus on one aspect of Positive Psychology and use evidenced based activities to illustrate the benefits of implementing the activities into daily life.

Positive Psychology Part 1

On this 6 week course, Positive Psychology For Life Part 1, we will share the purposeful positive actions that you can take to improve your psychological well-being. Each week you will learn one aspect of Positive Psychology and some evidenced based activities that will increase your happiness now and build resilience for the future.

Wk1 -What is Positive Psychology?

Wk2 – How you can boost your positive emotions and be happier

Wk 3 – Identifying and using our strengths

Wk 4 – The power of hope in adversity. How to grow hope.

Wk 5 – The importance of resilience when times are tough. How to raise resilience.

Wk 6 – The steps you can take to ‘be in Flow’ and how it will increase your happiness. 

Positive Psychology Part 2

This course builds upon the foundations of Positive Psychology Part 1

Wk1 -What is Self-Compassion?

Wk2 – Positive Psychology & Communication

Wk 3 – Love, Vulnerability and Connection 

Wk 4 – Journaling for wellbeing

Wk 5 – How can we use laughter to increase well-being?

Wk 6 – How can we use nature to increase well-being?

This is what participants say about the course;

I have come away with some interesting, thought provoking information. I liked the way you delivered it in an informal way, it’s not just theory it’s practical as well, you made the group feel safe

“I really enjoyed connecting with different people. It was really helpful to focus on strengths and build upon these rather than looking at weaknesses”

The course is very good, well designed and structured. I am going to focus on strengths this week and have some strengths conversations

This has confirmed to me how important goals are. I have gained a lot of information to take away and think about

I really enjoyed it! I loved that there were activities to do and conversations to have

It was an opportunity to meet others from a range of backgrounds

£90 for 6 week course.

Email instarcoach@gmail to book onto the course.