Life’s Gifts is a collection of writing based on my own personal development journey. It is written in 2 sections, Part 1 is about self discovery and understanding; it will help you to reflect on your own behaviour with kindness and understanding. Part 2 is a workbook, which will introduce you to vision, passion and inspiration and motivate you to take action towards your goals.

Life’s Gifts is filled with golden nuggets, inspiration and tips which will be a positive companion on your own personal development journey. 

Topics covered include,

Love, Support, Friendship, Laughter, Listening, Be Present, Inspiration, Passion, Pleasure, Goals, Flow and Abundance. 

Excerpts can be found in the following posts;

Personal Power 

Happiness is Sharing 

The Game of Life 

A Clear Vision 

Creativity is Visionary 

These topics are covered in both Life’s Gifts and Positivity: A Work In Progress Podcast