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Instar Coaching C.I.C provides Positive Psychology Education and interventions, connecting people in communities through joyful activities to increase well-being and reduce isolation.

Positive Psychology is an approach which, rather than focussing on what is going wrong, concentrates on strengths, and builds upon what is going well. In this way it is an early intervention, which improves people’s ability to flourish and live a meaningful life.

Instar Coaching uses Positive Psychology research to design and deliver:

Education workshops to adults and young people

Group walking sessions in nature

Laughter sessions

Topics covered include;

Positive Emotion, Strengths, Gratitude, Self-compassion, Kindness, Laughter, Mindfulness/being present, Hope and Resilience.

Take a look around Instar Coaching to discover how we can work together to make yours a brighter future.

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