Are you looking after yourself as much as you could do?

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Self care is essential to a flourishing life.  We need to replenish, recharge and restore our bodies so that we can meet the demands of modern life and keep our immune systems healthy.

This 8 week course will support you in your own project of self care. Together we will explore current research on the subjects of sleep, water, exercise, food and relaxation. I will bring my knowledge of positive psychology to these subjects to help you create healthy habits for life, which will improve your health and wellbeing. 

This is an interative course which will give you the benefits of group coaching; support, shared learning and accountability.

If you would like to have more energy, feel happier and more in control of your life, join me to start Project You.

The best project you can work on is you.

8 week course covering the following topics;

  1. What is self care? Self Talk – Treat yourself well. 

2. Why sleep matters; ways to improve your sleep

3. The Elixir of life; hydration and how to drink more water

4. Exercise: Embodiment; ways to make exercise part of your life

5. Simple hacks that demystify healthy eating. 

6. Mindful Eating and Intuitive Eating

7. Rest and relaxation for wellbeing

8. Ways to relax and support your self care.

£150 per course or £20 per session

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