Here are some comments from clients who have worked with me;

‘I wanted to be happier’

“When I started coaching, I had a low-grade feeling; I felt depressed, sad, and anxious. I wanted to be happier and I wanted a better relationship with my husband. Through coaching I have developed greater self-awareness and shed a great deal of self-judgement. I have let go of blame (especially blaming others for how I am feeling) and I am taking greater responsibility for myself. I am much less jerked around, a lot calmer and a bit more patient. I have grown in inner confidence, I am more accepting of myself, and my relationship with my husband has improved. Kim’s acceptance of my freedom of choice, that I can choose what works for me, is an important lesson I would like to replicate in my own interactions with others”.  L.D.  Hampshire

‘I have new confidence and energy’

I was feeling very stuck in my life and Kim’s skill and wisdom have enabled me to explore new paths and view the issues I was experiencing with a new confidence and energy, leading to some unexpected and very positive outcomes. As well as conventional life coaching, I’ve also had some Wingwave sessions with Kim which have been exceptionally powerful and effective. My sessions with Kim have been so worthwhile – an invaluable investment in understanding more about who I am and in making the most of my life. I would highly recommend Kim’s expertise, and if, like me, you’re new to life coaching, don’t hesitate any longer!   R.R., Southampton

‘I feel less ashamed, more relaxed and at ease with myself.’

 It was such a relief at the beginning to talk about things I was too ashamed to talk about. Being bullied is common among people, but it is such a hard thing to talk about. With Kim’s help I was able to pinpoint many things in my life that were causing me problems and I learnt to let go and not care so much. I feel less ashamed, more relaxed and at ease with myself.”  Anna, Southampton

‘I have gained stability, boundaries and communication skills’

 “With Kim on my PhD team I gain the stability, boundaries and communication skills that my other supervisors are ill equipped to provide. She has helped me in my academic life and also to gain boundaries with my friends, family and colleagues that were lacking. Kim uses exercises and tools within my coaching sessions and demonstrates how I can use them alongside smartphone apps to maintain the momentum of my development.”  Clair, Southampton

‘I am much more confident. I don’t need to be perfect’

Feedback from Caroline Livingstone

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