What Clients Say


Here are some comments from clients who have worked with me;

Life Coaching

Anna, Southampton

Before I started life coaching I was seriously worried that I had lost all of my motivation. I felt stuck in a job where I wasn’t happy and I was fed up of feeling anxious that something bad was going to happen. I wanted a new career but found interviews really difficult, my anxiety was getting in the way. It was such a relief at the beginning of the sessions to talk about things I am too ashamed to talk about. Even if those things aren’t shameful at all! Being bullied is common among people, but it is such a hard thing to talk about. With Kim’s help I was able to pinpoint many things in my life that were causing my problems and I learnt to let go and not care so much. Kim taught me how to gradually be at ease with people around me and stop thinking that they are thinking bad things of me. I have learnt how to deal with my anxiety and I have more understanding of what causes it. I have definitely learnt not to care what people think of me, even if it’s bad or good; I can’t be a judger! I feel less ashamed to put it bluntly. I used to have a large filter, where I would come across too polite because I was scared to show my personality. Now I am beginning to feel so much more relaxed and at ease with myself. I recently started a new job and I am looking forward to future progression. 

Clair, Southampton

I started working with Kim in preparation for my PhD. Kim has helped me to recognise the root causes of my behaviour and empowered me to explore and work on all aspects of my busy life. She has helped me in my academic life and also to gain boundaries with my friends, family and colleagues that were lacking.  Her kind, non-judgmental approach to life events allowed me to come to her with a holistic approach bringing every aspect of my world to the forum; this streamlined my thought processes for the PhD and improves my overall enjoyment of life and work.  Kim brings far more to the coaching sessions than the help with academic development than I anticipated and I hope that this partnership spans beyond my time as a student.  

Walking Coaching

Donna, Southampton

 “I found that because we were focused with talking and thinking that I was able to achieve more physically than I would if I was walking alone. I love to be out doors and walking coaching does wonders for my mental health’