What is your podcast about?

In this podcast series Vie Portland https://www.facebook.com/VieNessCIC/ and I talk about positivity and how it is a work in progress for all of us.

We have been applying personal development in our lives for many years and you can hear our stories in series 1, episode 1.

In series 1 the topics include, hope, kindness, confidence, and having a voice.

In series 2, the topics include boundaries, play, grit & strengths including perspective & courage.

In series 3, the topics include communication, self-compassion, not taking things personally, and self awareness.

In series 4, the topics include gratitude, guilt, laughter, failure and positive ageing.

In series 5, the topics include anxiety, the power of No, rejection, and music for wellbeing.


Great podcast, lots of great techniques and explanations. Definately going to remember STOP and 54321.


Thanks for a really interesting podcast with lots of real life shared experiences and some good practical advice.


Thank you Kim and Vie for creating this podcast. The content is well researched and both of you are a fountain of knowledge. Every episode has resonated with me and has left me in reflective place afterwards. You are both very open and honest too. The podcasts are fabulous, I so look forward to each episode.

JF Hampshire

Listened to the episode on resilience and your warmth and wisdom shine through.

AH Surrey

Listening to the podcast is like hearing the two of you chat over a cuppa. You talk about things that I can relate to with no big words –  I imagine you sat there with your knitting chatting away. 

CS London

Love the podcast, you work so well together, very relaxed and good rapport. Makes me eager to listen to the next one straight away.

CH Cornwall

Love the podcast, really good fun. Good to hear the confidence in both of your voices. Look forward to the episodes

MD Hampshire

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