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Cherish Every Moment

‘As you breathe in cherish yourself, as you breathe out cherish all beings’  Dalai Lama Xiv

To cherish is to treat gently, with warmth and understanding.  It is to marinade in love and to enjoy the pleasure this brings.  It is the holding kiss, cupped hands and tender touch.

Cherish others, cherish yourself.                

Appreciate what you have and who you are.  Cherish is a melting moment; something that warms you from inside and glows for all to see. Soak yourself in warm melting moments and give them out to others.  Value everything about your life and appreciate that everything has value. Cherish what others give to you, with appreciation and respect.

Cherish is liking what you have.

Cherish says ‘ I want the very best for you’ and ‘You are worth it’.  Cherish is a grown up nurture; I nurture my children, I cherish you. Being cherished is like being given a golden ticket to trust, confidence and self belief. 

Cherishing others is standing at the ticket booth, handing out that ticket. It is a passport to fulfilling relationships.

You deserve to be cherished.

Does what you receive from others;

  • Sound like love?
  • Look like love?
  • Feel like love?

Does what you give to yourself?  

  • Sound like love?
  • Look like love?
  • Feel like love?

                                           Cherish the love.              

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