Walking All Over Cancer – Week One

Day 1  9, 287 stepsDancing queen

The challenge did not get off to a great start … I went out for a walk without my Fitbit on and thought that I had lost my steps (showing as 3,000 on my phone) my daughter calmly taught me how to add them manually. The rose in the photo is called Dancing Queen. It was the first song that Steve & I danced to 40 years ago – I just had to buy it. Today this represents – stopping to smell the roses.
 Day 2  10, 278 steps 
                     white flowers   Nanny - I love you
Not ‘two walks a day’ today but three. First walk to shop in morning. Typical shopping trip as bought more than I could easily carry and didn’t buy what I went in for – milk. Later challenged by needing to take into account 5, 7 & 12 year old.  12 year old surprisingly willing to walk anywhere, 5 year old doesn’t want to walk anywhere. 7 year old happy to go to the park and others agreed= walk 2. Later when 7 year old gone home and 5 year old in bed, 12 year old and I have a pleasant walk to the shop with non stop chat = walk 3 Mission accomplished on two counts now have milk and 10000 steps.The photo’s represent the pure beauty of children and the simplicity of their words
Day 3  10,716 steps
                               extraordinary sights
Took 5 year old to Flip Out birthday party shame he didn’t wear my Fitbit, he jumped for an hour.  Only 3000 steps at 6pm. Waited for temperature to drop as it has been hot today. Waited too long! Just started to rain as I was putting on my trainers. It didn’t last long though and I walked for over an hour. Spoke to lovely mum on mobile who at 85 years old walks an hour a day – inspiration. Listened to audible ‘Change your questions – Change your life’ reflected on judgments and assumptions. Also the value of asking questions to expand options – love the creativity in that. Photo represents the extra in the ordinary.
Day 4 – 11,383 steps

                              Salix flamingo

Playing Boules with 7 year old in the sunshine is a good way to get some steps. One long walk gains 7,000 steps, followed by a 20 minute walk on a gorgeous evening to top up to 10,000. Couldn’t resist a dance to Little Mix on One Love Manchester tonight. Photo is a Salix Flamingo, a lovely delicate flower that I adore. Once on a training course I was asked to name an animal that means something to me, I choose a flamingo. I think the trainer was as surprised as I was. Where did that come from? I later looked up the symbolic meaning of flamingo’s; balance, beauty and grace……
                      flamingo-totem  I’ll take that!
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