What do you do when you are not working?

Someone asked me ‘what do you do when you are not working?’ the other day and it took me by surprise. On reflection I am interested in two aspects of this, the fact that the question took me by surprise and the instant response I gave to the question.


Not many people ask me this question they are likely to ask ‘what do you do?’ meaning what work do you do. Often people are defined by their work roles rather than their interests in life. Following this line of thought my surprise was that I was at work in my work role and someone was interested in me as a person rather than the role I was in. My surprise was also that I had to think hard about the answer.

My response

I responded with what I normally ‘do ‘ at weekends which is to spend time with my family, this is something I love to do but not who I consider myself to be. This came later when I said ‘I dance’.

What I didn’t say was I appreciate flowers, I listen to what children say, I write, I read, I stretch, I recharge, I laugh, I rest, I swim. These are the things I like to do when I am not working.

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