A Different Christmas

Our experience of Christmas can be a time of happiness or suffering. It is an event that we all ‘do’ at the same time and yet we all do it differently. As families come together one of the deciding factors of our experience may be how well we can accept difference.

Here are my reflections on difference; an excerpt from ‘The Golden Venture’ https://instarcoaching.com/the-golden-venture-e-book.

To be different is to challenge our fundamental need to belong.  To notice difference and not be afraid of it is courageous.  To accept difference is to acknowledge that your way is the right way – for you – not for everybody else. 

What do you bring to the party?  Whatever you bring it is unique and valuable; one part of the whole feast.

Resistance to difference brings conflict while opening ourselves up to difference creates synergy.  Synergy confronts our fear of isolation and affirms that we can be different and  belong.

Work with difference to find a creative way forward. Explore the opportunities it provides to try something new.  In essence, difference gives birth to new ideas – lay down your fear and embrace difference in all its glory.

‘Heart is what makes a difference’ Jerry Sloan.

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