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My relationship with the book The Beautiful Life (now published as The Journey Home) by Simon Parke began in 2007. As the republished name suggests, I keep coming home to it and have done so over the last 10 years. It sits by my bedside and is a wonderful companion to my personal development journey. The chapter ‘Prepare for Truth’ reminds me that when I become quiet and present, there is more opportunity for the truth to be revealed. Here is my version of the truth from Life’s Gifts E book;

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.’ Leo Tolstoy

When we come face to face with truth we put our hands over our eyes or over our ears to block it out. We are afraid of anything that will be revealed. Truth is accused of causing hurt. Truth hasn’t created hurt; it has peeled back the layers of deception, distraction and avoidance. These protective factors guard our vulnerability, including hurt.

We build walls, put up barriers and lock ourselves away. I am in my castle behind locked doors, the drawbridge is up, and truth cannot reach me. I am safe, I am isolated.

Truth reveals hurt. The exposure may feel like a sting, a bite or a cut. Truth may soothe, comfort or caress you. How will you know unless you open up your eyes, you ears, and lower the drawbridge to your heart?

Truth is a healer; it exposes hurt and provides an opportunity for healing. Choose your truth sayer wisely; choose someone who is patient, kind and considerate. Someone who will tend your wounds, nurture and heal you. That person could be you.

  1. Are you defending or healing yourself?
  2. Are you attacking or healing others?

Tell them all the truth but tell it slant-Emily Dickinson

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  1. Louise Bevan says:

    “Our faults are cured not by will but with attention”. What a revelation!

  2. ‘Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.’ Leo Tolstoy.

    Those words are pure gold! Great blog Kim.

    Truth is one of the biggest things our ego-self guards the doors to in it’s quest to be always right and always ‘safe’. But safe for the ego is not always the best for our path to a happier life. The ego feels comfortable when things remain the same. ‘Safe’ in a world where it sets the rules and limitations. But our soul knows that when the ego is in control, truth is something we fear.

    By embracing the fear, stepping towards it rather than running away from it, we can then begin to live a more truthful version of ourselves.

    Beware the uninitiated! The path of truth can be a painful one. That is when Well-Being Professionals such as Kim can be your pot of gold. They can help you through the difficult transition of stepping towards a more authentic version of yourself.

    Are you ready? Come join us on the path towards Truth 🙂

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