Review of 2022

Positive Psychology For Life

My Intention was to spread the knowledge of positive psychology and reach more people

Bryony and I presented a summary of our work at Buckinghamshire New University Symposium. This was a celebration of how we had created and delivered courses through lockdown and beyond. We were proud to wear the sweatshirts with our logo on created by SewphiaUK (sewphia_UK). Bryony and I are committed to adapting Positive Psychology For Life courses online as a self-study option in 2023.

I presented 5 free positive psychology online workshops this year and received positive feedback from them. I ran a Happiness workshop at Vie Portland’s family event, and I also ran the Happiness workshop online.

I am celebrating; commitment and tenacity, sometimes the numbers on the workshops are low, I run the workshops anyway and I always enjoy it.

Positive Psychology (PP) Practice group

My Intention was to grow our membership group

I believe consistent practice of the PP interventions are invaluable, therefore I have provided 2 online sessions and 1 face to face session outdoors per month. These have been well attended and I have witnessed the value of members giving and receiving peer support. This year we tried out different locations for the outdoor session, these included forest bathing and visited the light up trail at Hillliers Gardens.

I am celebrating; being creative with session content and being open to working with what comes up in the moment.

Project You Self Care Course

My Intention was to deliver Project You Self Care Courses

Project You is designed to raise awareness of self-care and to help build strategies to improve health and wellbeing. I ran an 8-week online Project You course in February 2022 and more recently a face to face Project You course for the MH charity, Creative Options. Feedback has been positive and participants comments indicate that they valued the content and presentation of the course.  

I am celebrating; the knowledge that self-care is central to resilience and that others are recognising this too.

Positive Psychology & Meditation

My Intention was to share the benefits of meditation. To guide beginners towards a meditation practice

Meditation has really enhanced my life and I believe it is an effective way to increase health and wellbeing. Caroline Livingstone and I ran the following courses in 2022,

Living with Abundance – January

Pathway to Authenticity – February

Exploring Self Love – May

Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness- May

Introduction to PP & Meditation – November

Caroline ran an online Yoga Nidra course in 2022 and it was very well received.

I am celebrating; that we have created enough material to run a variety of meditation sessions.

Laughter Yoga

My Intention was to share laughter freely. To educate about the benefits of laughter on health & wellbeing.

The group laughter sessions provide contagion, that lovely experience of hearing others laugh which prompts you to laugh. We have added more participants to the laughter group watts app this year. People are interested to hear me talk about laughter yoga when I am networking or attending events. I run a monthly session online with Julie and I also attend sessions on a weekly basis. Caroline Livingstone has added a meditation session option to the monthly programme.

I am celebrating; the gift of laughter, the connection and joy that it brings to me and to others.

Podcast – Positivity: A Work in Progress

My Intention was to grow our podcast audience.

The podcasts are freely available, and the topics are relevant to personal development and positive psychology. We completed our fourth series this year, making a total of 32 episodes. There have been 1500 downloads in 43 countries. The podcast was entered for an award this year.

I am celebrating; that the podcast is a free resource to learn about positive psychology and personal development. It is fun to work on.

Life Coaching

My Intention was to promote the benefits of Life Coaching.

I have been fortunate to work with a variety of clients this year. There were some new clients, some who had been referred by other clients. Some were returning clients, or they came to me via the Life Coach Directory. The goals set by clients have been varied and interesting. Most often clients gained tools to build their confidence and resilience and began to take a kinder approach to themselves.

I am celebrating; self-compassion, authenticity, and the recognition that it is an honour to share client’s journeys.

Being Employed

My intention was to be the most effective dental receptionist that I could be (part time job) and share Positive Psychology in the workplace

Being employed part time as well as running my business gave me peace of mind and eased the financial pressure. I felt calmer and was able to ease the ‘feast or famine’ nature of running a business. I was able to practice ‘not taking things personally’, and I received a lot of gratitude from patients. Two learnings I would like to bring forward into 2023 are, the benefits of structure and being part of a team. 

I am celebrating; making a good decision to be employed, a good work/life balance, keeping my business afloat.

New for 2022

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

I was asked by Rob Whitwood, Co-founder of SE Folk to run online sessions on the resilience programme. I ran sessions for 5 participants and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Some of my learning from these sessions informed the 1 hour online workshops, campfire sessions, I ran from Sept – Dec 2022. I will be involved in the next resilience programme in February 2023 and the bi-monthly campfire sessions from January 10th 2023.  

I was asked by Action for Hampshire to run a well-being session on their Accelerating Women’s Enterprise (AWE) course. It was great to meet the social entrepreneurs on the course and learn about their businesses. The feedback I received was that it was good to hear about hope, optimism and self-care and to connect with others in breakout rooms to reflect on these topics.  

Contract work 1-1 Online sessions

I have increased the number of my online 1-1 sessions to help with a project for IAPT and for staff in care homes. I have been invited to be part of a pilot for NHS service users, starting in 2023.

I am celebrating; being flexible with the different types of therapeutic sessions I offer, ranging from counselling to coaching to training.

Social Media & PR

My Intention was to raise awareness of Instar Coaching C.I.C and promote myself.

I created a film to be shown at a Social Entrepreneur event. I have had a professional photo shoot done and used many of the images and videos on my social media.

I am celebrating; being the face of my social enterprise and accepting myself (images)

Time Management & Balance

My Intention was to be effective and efficient with my time.

I have been employed in my part time job from October 2021 to November 2022. I have monitored my time to observe how I could be more efficient. I made a note of all the tasks involved in running my business and how much time I spend on all of them. I have let go of some tasks in 2022 and I realise that I cannot do everything on my own. I made the decision in 2022 to let go of some social media posting and I intend to use social media more effectively in 2023.

I am celebrating; looking after myself in the business. A deeper understanding of how I monitor and evaluate

Thank you for taking the time to read about our progress this year.


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